We wrote a new chapter and I learned a new travel tip

February 2023

A new tip and a journey coming your way
Celebrating one year of traveling the world for almost free
Nine things to do in the next nine minutes

January 2023

Learn from my mistakes
Deepening any vacation with intentionality
Answering questions and experiencing "travel" by being curious...plus an invitation just for you

December 2022

Need an adventure in the new year? ONLY 4 spots left!
Solo adventure highlights, unexpected moments and what I'll do differently next time...plus a last minute gift idea!
Or maybe more like 30(plus)-Minute Holidays...more curated, at-home adventures for your Christmas week to inspire wonder and faith
It's time for another 30-Minute Holiday...travel with us!
It's time for another 30-Minute Holiday...December special edition.